How To Approach Women

Approaching the female can be a terrifying experience.  Even if you have done all of the ground work, it can still be completely exhilarating.  Some men live for the hunt.  They miss it when they outgrow it.  So, enjoy it while you can.

There are many wrong ways to approach a woman.  First, you don’t want her to know that you’re too excited.  She might think that’s cute, but she will not want you back.  Second, you don’t want to seem too obvious.  A girl will naturally repel you if she feels like you’re coming on too strong.

Your best bet is to be as casual as possible.  Pretend like you’re old friends.  This really isn’t lying, because you probably want to be her friend.  So what’s wrong with treating her like the girl you want her to be?

Let me tell you a story of how I approached a girl one time.  I was out on a date with a girl that I wasn’t really interested in.  My friends had set me up with her because they thought we’d hit it off.  They were wrong.  Still, for their sake I had taken her on a second date.  It had been just as drab as the first.

As we were eating, I noticed a beautiful girl that was sitting with a man.  She looked disinterested in her date.  I noticed that she didn’t have a wedding ring on, so I thought that she was fair game.  I wanted to go up and talk to her, but we both had barriers keeping us from that.

So, I stayed in my seat.  I kept hoping that he would get up to go use the bathroom.  Guys don’t usually get up to use the bathroom at restaurants.  I knew that my chances were pretty small.  Still, I told myself that if he did get up to use the restroom, I would take a chance and go talk to her.

As luck would have it, he excused himself at the same time my date did.  I took that as a sign, and I got up to go talk to her.  I think she had noticed when I was staring at her.  So, I needed to make up for that by seeming really casual.  Also, she would be a little surprised that it was happening.  So, I needed to be very friendly.

As I approached her, I waved like I would wave at a dear friend I hadn’t seen in a long time.  A fond smile accompanied my wave.  She was more surprised than anything, but because of how friendly I was being, she felt like she must have known me from something.   By the time I sat down at her table, she was already over the fact that she didn’t know me.  In an impossible situation, I had successfully approached this woman.

That is how you should make every situation go when you are approaching a woman.  She should be ready for you to arrive when you get there, and happy that it’s happening.

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