Dating A Dominant Female

If you are, you know that dating one has both its advantages and disadvantages. If you believe that the woman you are interested in has a dominant personality, continue reading this article. Throughout the article, we will discuss how to tell whether you are, in fact, dating a dominant woman. We will also tell you how to deal with her traits that may be less than charming.

Does your woman like to take control?

Does she like to be in charge?

Does she have to come first in everything?

If so, you may be dating a dominant female. Dominant females have very similar characteristic traits to dominant men. They desire to hold the power in the relationship, and often times feel the need to control their partner. While dominance is a part of all of us, it is more prominent in some than others. It is those women who have more prominent dominant traits that are likely to be the ‘boss’ of the family.

Dating a dominant woman can have it advantages, she likes to take control, she is independent, and she does not rely on you for everything. It can also, however, have its disadvantages, leaving a man feeling powerless and as though he is being controlled.

Here are some tips to help you maintain your equality within your relationship.

Firstly, make your opinions heard. If you do not agree with something she says or does, do not be afraid to tell her. As a dominant female, she may get upset that you are voicing your opinions, but ultimately, she will respect you more in the end.

Secondly, learn to make your own decisions. Of course, to remain respectful to your partner, you will want to speak with them about any decisions that you make. Remember, however, that it is ultimately your decision. As long as you are doing nothing to disrespect or hurt your partner, you should be ‘allowed’ to do it.

Along the same lines, do not ask your partner for permission. Once again, be sure to consider her opinions, but do not allow her to make the final decision for you. Second guessing yourself and constantly asking for her permission will only increase her power over you. Remember, you are an equal in this relationship, and decisions are to be made together.

Finally, learn to appreciate and respect yourself. No one can dominate you unless you give them permission to. Being decisive and standing up for yourself is okay. If your girlfriend or wife does not respect your opinions, it may be time to move on.

While dominant women like to have power and control, remember that they are people too. Like all of us, they are searching for something deeper such as love and respect.

If you can show them love and respect, while at the same time keeping your dignity and respecting yourself, then you will be in for a lifetime of happiness. In addition, if you actually can find and keep a genuine alpha female then you will discover a completely new way to enjoy life.

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